Builders, Simplify Your Success, When Working With Agile Design Solutions.

Let this architect help create some breakthrough’s for any of your fence sitting, under-inspired clients, or prospects. Here is how it began. In Fort Collins 1976, my first job after graduating Pratt School Of Architecture was to help solve Osprey Homes biggest problem. Two prospective families, his clients would not go ahead without desirable, small home designs. Most natural to me, was to engage his clients to design with me & with the builders periodic input. I provided the 2 building department-ready sets of simpler drawings at that time, in about 4 weeks. That collaborative, method is what I now call, Agile Design Solutions. Above, is a Builders own home on CT’s shoreline. In 3 days work with he & his wife, they had the above sketch. The sketch arose from rough plans and other sketches. Soon, he had the construction. doc’s. He built it in 7 months. You the builder are my client. We are on your clients team. Our teams goal are the solutions to go ahead. I suggest Agile as out team project management and team design method. Other than you me and the clients there may be a realtor. We can all start together or virtually with an overview meeting to set some realistic observations about the site surrounding location and boundaries for budgeting . Next the clients & I meet on the subject, empty site, or existing structure . As clients & I observe the site, I ask for their criteria & desires. listening to their feedback, I start generating ideas with them & quickly, sketch scale plans & 3-D views on paper, capturing the ideas. Designs are tested & thrown out, or combined into a better design. I can usually create 2 or 3 Schematic Designs in 2 to 5 hours. Then the schematics are reviewed by the rest of the team. You offer criticism construction options you like & their range of costs. A realtor further evaluates it clients criteria. Changes approved by client are made when client & architect begin Agile Preliminary Design. We can complete this in +—3 days work. Then you can offer suggestions, options and budgeting parameters & the realtor, their thoughts. That’s before I begin structural, landscape, interiors & final Design drawings Bldg. Dept. sets are to be ready between a month.

I offer to get acquainted, to hear and understand what’s important, your values and preferences. You can also test my skills. If you think this will work, for you then please find if possible any available survey, plans, photos or HOA covenants. That helps speeds things up. I can also draw existing plans & elevations on site for immediate use. If we can we discuss an Agile or equal, team effort, I can work with your clients either with, or without you at their site, to produce schematics & finished designs. Note: From the first session through preliminary design phase, my time & cost is usually 1/3 that of traditional, remote design, with its typical wait-times, guess-work, loss of momentum, and changes. Note: Agile will allow a collaborative, or a negotiated contract for construction. This is better than a biding war to low quality.

Services: Agile Design Solutions is one of my hourly stand-alone services. I can perform any of the other 3 Services on this website, either singularly, or as usual by combining, methods and features seamlessly as necessary, for best results. You or your client can keep all the ideas and work produced, to do with whatever you wish, after payment. If requested I will carefully complete all design, specifications & construction documents. I will continue with you and your clients for budgeting & construction decisions. See link below for more about Agile design.

Rates: At the first session, if there is no synergy all will know and there is no charge for the session. If we move forward, it’s included in the $180 per hour billable time. After 5 hours the hourly fee drops, to $150 per hour. If I work directly with you on any scope of any project then your flat rate is $150 per hour.

Deposit: If your clients or you choose to wait, or make other arrangements, they can pay 25% more for full ownership, to keep & use the drawings as wished. If you would like to discuss this productive approach, contact me for a free virtual 20 minute conversation to see if I can be of help to you. Sincerely, Darek Shapiro.

Link FYI to learn about: What is Agile Design Methodology & How To Apply It.

As an example of what I can do for you, take a matterport walk through of 'a most extraordinary home' I designed and furnished In El jebel, Eagle County CO.